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The Biggest Complaint: Why am I Always so Tired and Worn Out?

By Marshall Swerman Nov 23, 2008 What's the biggest complaint doctors hear from their patients no matter what their age, you'll find that they hear "I'm tired and worn out and have no energy. I just feel beat up at the end of the day." For those who want to reverse this being tired and worn out phenomena (and who doesn't?) they can take advantage of affordable and effective HGH precursors. These unique supplements have the potential to make one feel better - less tired and depleted and noticeably more energetic. HGH precursors are one of the most remarkable and practical - and affordable and safe anti-aging supplements available in the marketplace. Not to be confused with HGH injections that deliver actual growth hormone that can have many dangerous and unwanted side-effects effects, HGH precursors are safe. Why Do We Feel So Old and Tired Out? When we talk about aging and its physical and psychological effects, it is important to distinguish between chronological aging - how old we are in terms of the calendar - and actual biological aging, or the rate of the breakdown of our bodies. Regardless of how old our birth certificate says we are, it is possible that due to biological aging we feel much older and no longer enjoy the energy we once had when we felt and acted more youthful. The difference between the two kinds of aging accounts for the fact that as the saying goes "we are only as old as we feel." Or in the words of the legendary Hall of Fame baseball player Willie Stargell, "Age is a matter of mind over matter, and if you don't mind then it doesn't matter." The Science of Aging Feeling tired and getting old happens because of changes at a molecular level in our body, and aging occurs because of a number of difference reasons. Pollutants in the environment can contribute to the breakdown of biological integrity, as can bad habits, a lack of proper nutrition, not enough rest, hormone deficiencies or the presence of a medical illness. But all aging eventually boils down to a fundamental deterioration of the cells, the tissues, and the vital chemical balances that are present in a healthy, vibrant, energetic and youthful person's body. Anti-Aging through HGH Precursor Supplements HGH - or human growth hormone - is illegal unless prescribed by a doctor. That's why we hear about controversies involving athletes who take HGH to gain an artificially induced advantage over their competitors. But the benefits of HGH can be acquired legally and without health risk by letting the body create its own natural anti-aging, energy producing nutrients. To build these as we get older so that we feel better and actually have more energy, the body needs essential ingredients that aid and stimulate the pituitary gland. Once the pituitary is well nourished, it goes to work producing your own growth hormone the natural, organic way. One of the most powerful nutrients that trigger the pituitary response is known as HGH precursors - because a precursor is a substance that causes growth hormone to be produced and released to the body's hormone producing organs by the pituitary gland.. HGH precursor supplements include amino acids such as arginine, glutamine, ornithine, niacin and others - influence healthy hormonal functions through enhanced pituitary function. Then the body takes over with those important tools to give us the benefits we want to feel - such as improved memory, endurance, stamina, and the overall energy that comes when we feel rested, refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for whatever comes our way.