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Frequently Asked Questions About Renuva Generator Supplement

  1. What happens to hormone and neurotransmitter production and the Endocrine System as people age?
  2. How does the Endocrine System affect the body?
  3. What are the potential benefits of using Renuva Generator and how long does it take to see and feel results?
  4. What is the difference between Renuva Generator and other enhancement products?
  5. Is Renuva Generator product safe and are there any side effects?
  6. Has there been any research performed on the Renuva Generator product?
  7. What’s in Renuva  Generator that positively affects joint health?
  8. Does Renuva Generator affect sleep?
  9. Can I continue taking other vitamins and supplements while taking the Renuva Generator product?
  10. Does Renuva Generator contain ephedra, ma huang or any other stimulants or potentially harmful ingredients?
  11. What is the best age to begin taking Renuva Generator?
  12. Does Renuva Generator work equally well with both men and women?
  13. Does Renuva Generator help women with Menopausal Symptoms?
  14. Who should not use Renuva Generator?
  15. Can you be too old for Renuva Generator & endocrine system enhancement?
  16. Does Renuva Generator require refrigeration or special handling and what is its shelf-life?
  17. Can I use Renuva Generator for a prolonged period of time and what happens if I stop?
  18. Other than taking Renuva Generator what else can be done to enhance hormone, neurotransmitter production and endocrine system function?
  19. I’ve been taking Renuva Generator everyday for three weeks, but I’m not experiencing any results. Why?
  20. Why do I have to stop taking the product a few days during the week (cycling)?
  21. I’ve gotten spam email from all these companies trying to sell me HGH sprays. What is the true story about many of these HGH spray supplements?
  22. Will alcohol consumption affect Renuva Generator’s effectiveness?
  23. Can you explain what constitutes a dietary supplement and why Renuva Generator is considered a dietary supplement, and whether Renuva Generator is FDA approved?
  24. What is the comparison between Renuva Generator and injectable HGH?
  25. What are the different kinds of hormonal and neurotransmitter supplements?

1. What happens to hormone production and the Endocrine System as people age?

Hormone production by the Endocrine System declines with age in all animal species that have been tested to date. As an example, in humans, the amount of growth hormone after the age of 20 to 30 falls about 14% per decade, so that the total 24-hour growth hormone production rate is reduced to half by the age of 60. In numerical values, we produce on a daily basis about 500 micrograms at 20 years of age, 200 micrograms at 40 years, and 25 micrograms at 80 years old. “Elderly” levels are reached by age 35-40.

The American Association of Endocrinology and the American College of Endocrinology suggest that hormone deficiency is an age-related event characteristically defined as a cluster of easy to recognize symptoms that include:

  • Fatigue
  • Increased weight and abdominal obesity
  • Decreased lean body mass, muscle mass, and strength
  • Decreased exercise capacity and physical performance
  • Cold extremities
  • Reduced vitality
  • Impaired sense of well-being
  • Poor sleep
  • Emotional instability, anxiety

The above are all what are commonly referred to as “aging factors.” Most likely, if you are over the age of 30 then you have begun to notice one or more of these “aging factors”. This is what we normally refer to as aging, or “getting older.” The good news is that although getting older is unavoidable, you do not have to age. *


2. How does the Endocrine System affect the body?

The Endocrine System stimulates all of the systems and organs in your body. Hormones produced by this system increase your metabolism, helping to break down fat, build proteins, and create lean muscle. Because it affects almost all of the different systems of the body, it is this body system that we refer to as the “fountain of youth system” due to its youth-promoting benefits when optimally functioning. Consider it the body’s “master bodily system.” It is not gender-specific; meaning it affects both men and women in similar ways, and starts to decline at the same time as well. Hormones produced by a properly functioning Endocrine System positively affects the liver, intestines, skin, pancreas, prostate and uterus (hormonal).

Additionally, they target the heart, brain, eyes, and specific immune cells (nervous and immune). All of these organs decline in health during the aging process. Organs actually shrink in size as people age. *


3. What are the potential benefits of using Renuva Generator and how long does it take to see and feel results?

Because everyone has a different physiology, the time frame for results may vary for each individual. In general, many benefits will become apparent within one to two weeks of taking the product. Certain effects may be noticed immediately or within days. Many users experience deeper sleep the first night, awakening feeling more relaxed just from having better sleep. Users have reported feeling a “sense of well-being” they haven’t felt in years. Some report they notice faster healing, improved eyesight, better hearing, and increased libido. Others note feeling stronger, and notice a change in the muscle/fat ratio, with increased muscle and decreased fat. The more significant visual results such as gray hair turning back to its original color, and the appearance of skin wrinkles decreasing occurs with some users after a few months, but some have reported these benefits in the first 4-6 weeks. Many women and men report thicker hair, less hair loss and stronger nails. Users experience an increase in energy and sharper thinking, better stamina. Hot flashes and night sweats either reduce significantly or totally disappear for women going through menopause. Some beneficial effects can take longer than others. Users should normally experience many of the beneficial effects in about 3-6 months. Age related decline took years to show up, so it’s only natural for your body to take time to repair itself. *


4. What is the difference between Renuva Generator and other hormonal and neurotransmitter enhancement products?

The company knows of no other company that offers a hormone and neuropeptide support product like the Renuva Generator Powder product. When taken in recommended dosages, the product provides needed nutritional support for the body and has a synergistic effect in maintaining healthy hormone and neurotransmitter production and release while supporting healthy Endocrine System function. Generally, other companies offer questionable support products that have little noticeable affect on the endocrine system. Unlike other supplements, Renuva Generator’s proprietary formulation delivers an almost instant hit of stimulation to the user’s body. Most importantly, we know of no other company that has a published clinical study in a prestigious medical journal to back the specific efficacy of the a similar supplement product as we have and this may be a first in the anti-aging supplement industry. Almost all of these competing products quote the infamous Rudman study as the basis for their efficacy claims when Rudman’s study dealt only with a small clinical trial with injectable HGH, a far cry from homeopathic or other HGH type supplements. (click here to read the published Renuva clinical study) *


5. Is the Renuva Generator product safe and are there any side effects?

There are no known negative side effects reported from use of the Renuva products. Some people may experience new or different sensations when they start using them. Some people have a “Niacin flush” reaction to the Niacin (Vitamin B-3) in the Renuva Generator powder, and this reaction may initially last for 10 to 15 minutes and in most all cases lessens with use within days. If you get the “Niacin flush” this means that small blood vessels in your body are being expanded in size. *

Though unlikely, if the “Niacin Flush” is too strong for you, or uncomfortable, it can easily be alleviated by decreasing amounts. Some people start with 1 scoop of Renuva Generator powder per day for 2 weeks and then gradually increase the amount to the recommended dosages.

This sensation is not harmful or dangerous and is actually a sign of very healthy cleansing and improved blood flow. Once you have had the Niacin Flush, usually the next day that same dosage of niacin won’t create the same effect, and usually after a few more days you will have none of this sensation — unless you increase the niacin dosage.

The benefits of Niacin are many. Besides helping to promote hormone and neuropeptide production and release it is a particularly important nutrient for improving the health of the heart and for improving blood circulation. Used in high doses it has been shown to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. Niacin is also a potent and vital precursor for the coenzymes that supply energy to body cells. Basically, the coenzymes of Niacin help break down and utilize proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Niacin also stimulates circulation and reduces cholesterol levels, raises HDL (good cholesterol), lowers LDL (bad cholesterol), and is important to healthy activity of the nervous system and normal brain function. Niacin supports the health of skin, tongue, and digestive tract tissues. Niacin has been used to clear the body of organic poisons, such as certain toxins and insecticides. People report more mental alertness when this vitamin is in sufficient supply.

It is important to remember that as your body begins to repair itself, it may require more water intake to assist in the elimination of toxins. The average person should drink at least (8) glasses of water a day.


6. Has there been any research performed on the Renuva Generator product?

An astounding “Yes”. The Company engaged noted medical teams to perform a pilot clinical study on the Renuva Generator Powder and the results were truly significant. The study was performed at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center at LSU and at the Center for Nutrition and Preventive Medicine in Charlotte, NC. An Abstract of the clinical study was presented at the prestigious Experimental Biology Conference held at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco April 15, 2006. The full study was published in the peer review medical journal, Open Nutraceutical Journal, which is a first for a hormonal and neurotransmitter support supplement. It was notable that the study found that Renuva Generator significantly increased HGH production and release. (click here to read clinical study) *


7. What’s in Renuva Generator that positively affects joint health?

One of the biggest compliant of both men and women (second to “lack of energy” is joint and muscle pain. To solve this problem for many and to provide effective support to the joints and muscles we’ve included a therapeutic dose of MSM (1g) and Vitamin C (500mg) in each scoop of Renuva Generator.

MSM, Methylsulfonylmethane is a type of sulfuric compound that is naturally present in the body. Sulfur is the third most abundant mineral based on percentage of total body weight. MSM is a constituent of raw fruits, vegetables (especially cruciferous vegetables), seafoods, meat and milk. It is extremely sensitive and is highly susceptible to loss and degradation during food processing and as such most people do not ingest significant amounts of active MSM from food (unless the diet is composed primarily of raw foods).

The therapeutic effects of MSM are enhanced by the concurrent use Vitamin C that is included in Renuva Generator powder. Vitamin C, powerful in its own right, is essential for the metabolism of MSM to Sulfur.

Hyperhealth, the science based encyclopedia of nutrition and natural health reports the following about MSM:

  • MSM (orally or topically) is claimed to alleviate the pain associated with backache.
  • MSM may alleviate the pain and Inflammation of the joints that is associated with gout (but may require several weeks of daily supplementation before its beneficial effects become apparent).
  • MSM may improve the function of the joints and alleviates joint pain.
  • MSM (especially when combined with supplemental Vitamin C) may alleviate muscle cramps.
  • MSM may alleviate muscle pain.
  • MSM may alleviate the pain and Inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis and may inhibit the further degeneration of cartilage in rheumatoid arthritis patients.
  • MSM may alleviate the pain and Inflammation associated with tendonitis.
  • MSM may alleviate the pain and inflammation associated with bursitis.
  • MSM (consumed orally and/or lotion applied topically) may reduce the Inflammation and pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • MSM may enhance the health of the body’s cartilage (by contributing its sulfur content to cartilage).
  • MSM may accelerate the healing of fractures (according to anecdotal reports).
  • MSM may be a useful treatment for some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia.


8. Does Renuva Generator affect sleep?

Better and deeper sleep is one of the first things that many people notice after taking the Renuva products. It is not uncommon for first-time users to notice a positive change the first or second day of use. *


9. Can I continue taking other vitamins and supplements while taking the Renuva Generator product?

Absolutely. Stay on any supplements you are currently taking. They won’t negatively affect your Renuva enhancement regime. *


10. Does Renuva Generator contain ephedra, ma huang or any other stimulants or potentially harmful ingredients?

No, unlike many other nutritional products being marketed to the public, the Renuva products do not contain ephedra, ma huang or any other stimulants as ingredients, nor do they contain any other potentially harmful ingredients. *


11. What is the best age to begin taking Renuva Generator?

Since many aspects of endocrine system function start to decline around the age of 25, we recommend that if you are 25 or older that you begin using our product. By age 30 HGH production and endocrine function begins decreasing at a rapid pace and by the late 50’s endocrine and HGH function may be compromised in some individuals markedly. Taking Renuva HGH Generator, young and old alike testify to increased energy and looking and feeling better than they have in a long time. *


12. Does Renuva Generator work equally well with both men and women?

Yes, Renuva Generator works well with both men and women:

As women go through menopause and somatopause (low estrogen & Growth Hormone levels), they usually gain fat and cellulite on their hips, belly and legs, wrinkles, gray hair, dry skin, depression increase, decrease in self-esteem, sex drive, feminine characteristics and mental sharpness, breasts sag, muscle loses tone, skin loses luster and elasticity, hair becomes thinner, hot flashes & night sweats occur due to menopause, and memory, eyesight and hearing decline. Fortunately, hormone and neurotrannsmitter and endocrine system support with the Renuva Generator helps to stimulate and regulate a cascade of metabolic functions, which can stop or stall these age related problems.

Men who go through andropause (low testosterone levels), and somatopause may develop large bellies, their muscles become flabby, they can become bald, skin becomes drier, wrinkles increase, depression increases, self-confidence and masculine characteristics decrease and IQ and sex drive drops. As with women, hormone and neurotransmitter and endocrine support with Renuva Generator stimulates and regulates a cascade of physiological responses, which may stop or stall this rapid decline due to aging.

There are two natural solutions for middle-age somatopause for both men and women. And they don’t require drugs or needles only hormone and neurotransmitter enhancement with Renuva Generator along with Anaerobic exercise.

Studies have shown that HGH growth hormone can be increased 530% with anaerobic exercise – the short-burst, get-you-out-of-breath quickly, sprinting types of exercise. You don’t have to spend all day in the gym, jog for hours, or starve yourself. But it does require high-intensity exercise for short periods. It’s important to note that from the anti-aging standpoint anaerobic exercise is the most productive form of exercise, but one needs to be careful.

Middle-age adults need to slowly ease into high-intensity anaerobic exercise. Even well-conditioned athletes, who can jog for miles, need a progressive, six to eight week buildup period. Adults can successfully add anaerobic fitness training to their fitness program, but there needs to be a slow, progressive buildup period and a physician’s clearance should be obtained before beginning any type of high-intensity exercise or training. *


13. Does Renuva Generator help women with Menopausal Symptoms?

See #12 above.


14. Who should not use Renuva Generator?

We do not recommend our supplements for children, pregnant or nursing mothers. Cancer, heart and diabetes patients must consult a physician or their health care professional before taking these products. *


15. Can you be too old for Renuva Generator and endocrine system enhancement?

Not at all, the benefits for senior citizens can be most dramatic. *


16. Does Renuva Generator require refrigeration or special handling and what is its shelf-life?

The Renuva Generator Powder is sensitive to heat and humidity and should be stored in a cool, dry place or the refrigerator. We recommend that our Generator powder container should be shaken before each use to make certain that all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Renuva Generator has shelf life of at least two years from the manufacturing date stamped on each container. *


17. Can I use Renuva Generator for a prolonged period of time and what happens if I stop?

Yes, you can take Renuva Generator in the recommended dosages every week for the rest of your life without fear of causing any damage to your body. Most people feel so good once they start taking it that they are not willing to stop using them. They don’t want to lose the positive benefits they have received. You don’t have to stay on the Renuva ndefinitely, but it won’t hurt you if you do. Some people will take the product for four or five months, go off for a month or two, and then start up again. It is perfectly safe to do so. You will know what is best for you by how you look and feel. We have many customers who stopped taking the product soon after gaining the results they wanted only to discover that their body began going back to its earlier state and called to re-order so the could quickly get back the physical and mental benefits they lost. *


18. Other than taking Renuva Generator what else can be done to enhance hormone and neuropeptide production and endocrine system function?

To maximize the production of hormones and neurotransmitters and otherwise enhance endocrine system function, exercise on a regular basis and include in your diet fresh fruits, vegetables and plenty of water to revitalize and enhance your performance.

Hundreds of independent studies that increasing levels can not only prevent further aging but also have an amazing effect of reversing aging to some extent.

Today thousands of men and women in the age group of 50-80 have been able to combat aging and achieve physique of people half their age by enhancing their body levels. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Strength training: One of the best and completely natural ways to increase your hormone and neurotransmitter levels is to do strength training at high intensity. However, one must take the advice of a doctor before beginning any workout regime.
  • Adequate sleep: Since many hormones and neurotransmitters are released during late hours of the night when you are sleeping; it is crucial that you have a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day.
  • Reduced stress: Stress is one of the major factors that inhibits these levels in the body and increases the pace of aging. You can increase these levels by staying stress-free and by taking time out to do relaxing activities every day.
  • Supplementing naturally with Supplements: Supplements have proved to be most efficient, safest and fastest way to enhance hormone and neurotransmitter levels in the body. Earlier this was done through prescribed injections or pills. However, side effects of HGH injections and other drugs and their cost, which could run in the thousands of dollars yearly, never made it popular for common use.

The safest and probably the most effective way to stay young and vibrant is to take a dietary supplement like Renuva Generator for both men and women. This completely natural supplements cost less than 2% of the costs of injections or other drugs. *


19. “I’ve been taking Renuva Generator everyday for three weeks, but I’m not experiencing any results. Why?”

Users experience vary over time, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t have immediate results. Give the product time to work and it will. It took years for you to age and this product is not an herbal stimulant where you feel the false caffeine-like effects so common in other products. Renuva Generator has real endocrine system support factors that may take time to work for you. Doctors using injectable and un-natural prescription solutions educate their patients to expect results after 3 to 6 months of use with benefits continuing to improve even two or three years after starting on the product. So don’t give up and give it time to work for you. We guarantee it will.*


20. “Why do I have to stop taking Renuva Generator product two days during the week (cycling)?”

The two-day rest helps the body’s natural systems to work independently from the Renuva Generator’s supplement stimulation. Our formula is optimized for a two-day rest each week, so each Generator container is packaged to deliver a 21-day supply. *


21. “I’ve gotten spam emails from all these companies trying to sell me HGH sprays and there are so many HGH comparison sites on the Internet. What am I to believe and what is the true story about many of these HGH spray supplements?”

Since the first introduction of our Renuva Generator product in 2002 over 150 new HGH products – capsules, tablets and sprays have flooded the market with amazing claims trying to cash in on the lucrative anti-aging market baby boomers have demanded.

Only a fraction of these products actually claim to contain active GH and/or growth factors and state or imply they can deliver GH to the body. None that we are aware of have performed a clinical study and if so, none have had their study published in a peer review medical journal like Renuva. Many of these “other HGH products” make ridiculous medical claims that cannot be backed up. We, the manufacturer of the Renuva products do not make outrageous medical claims about curing diseases and leave it up to our customers to decide if our products make a difference and improve their lives.


22. Will alcohol consumption affect Renuva Generator’s effectiveness?

Yes, consuming alcoholic drinks works against the efficacy of the key ingredients in Renuva Generator but drinking a few glasses of wine, beer or mixed drinks during the week should not affect your hormone and neurotransmitter and endocrine enhancement program too much as long as you drink in moderation. *


23. What constitutes a dietary supplement, why is Renuva GGenerator considered a dietary supplement, and is it FDA approved?

In 1994, U.S. Congress signed the Dietary Supplement, Health & Education Act (DSHEA) into law. In this landmark piece of legislation, the Dietary Supplement industry was permitted to manufacture and distribute natural substances, provided that the substances did not “pose a significant threat to consumer safety.” With the signing of this piece of legislation, the “burden of proof” was placed on the FDA to prove that a natural substance was not fit for general consumption. As a result of this legislation, the FDA has no approval protocol for dietary supplements. Therefore like all dietary supplements the Renuva products are not “FDA approved” and do not require FDA approval. *


24. What is the comparison between Renuva Generator and injectable HGH?

Renuva Generator Powder

  • Product composition 100% natural
  • Delivery system – great tasting powder that mixes with water
  • Immediacy of effect – same day to weeks
  • No doctor supervision or prescription needed
  • Reported complications – none
  • Monthly product cost as low as $33 per month when purchasing 6-month supply
  • Annual product cost less than $400.00

Injectable HGH

  • Product composition is 100% synthetic
  • Delivery system – 2 injections daily
  • Immediacy of effect days to weeks
  • Legality – requires a prescription in U.S.
  • Many possible complications
  • Requires regular doctor visits
  • Monthly product cost $1,200 – $1,500
  • Annual product cost $15,000 – $20,000


25.  What are the different kinds of hormone and neuropeptide supplements?

If you’re researching these types of supplements it’s important that you understand the difference to avoid being dupped or potentially making an illegal purchase. Below is a breakdown of the four options you have:

Option #1: Synthetic HGH injections

Only available by prescription from a qualified physician, these injections are extremely pricey at $10,000 to $30,000+ per year in treatment costs.

While studies generally show them to be very effective at reversing much of the physical deterioration of the body associated with aging (and reduced levels of HGH), the cost puts this treatment option out of reach of the average person.

The injections can be painful, and the regular doctor’s visits quickly become costly and inconvenient. In many cases you will need to find a qualified physician who is willing to do the injections, and this can mean traveling to an anti-aging clinic.

There’s a risk of overdose with synthetic injections, potentially causing headaches, fluid retention, insulin resistance, and gynecomastia (i.e. man breasts).

There’s also concern that long-term use can cause a hormone imbalance in the body!

And it’s important to remember… The ONLY safe and legal way to purchase synthetic injections is with a valid doctor’s prescription!

Option #2: HGH Releasers

Renuva Generator could also be considered as an “HGH Releaser or also known as a Youth Hormone Releaser.”

It’s a dietary supplement, available without a prescription, that’s been scientifically formulated to encourage your body to produce and release more of its own HGH — rather than injecting a foreign source.

It gives the average person access to the anti-aging benefits without the prohibitive costs, health risks, or inconvenience of synthetic injections!

No doctor’s visits… No pricey, painful needles… No risk of overdose.

The challenge for consumers is finding a hormone and neurotransmitter supplement that’s both safe and proven effective — manufactured by a GMP certified facility with the highest quality ingredients, with a track record of getting REAL results for clients!

Option #3: Homeopathic Supplements

As a consumer, you need to be wary of claims surrounding this form of supplementation. Because this one of the most controversial forms of supplementation — it’s still considered unproven by the scientific medical community.

To date, only one study has been done (by the National Institute of Health) on homeopathic supplements; certainly not enough to provide adequate evidence this is a safe and effective alternative.

The manufacturing process involves taking extremely small doses of synthetic drugs 2-3 times daily, to stimulate the body’s own immune and endocrine systems to produce more of its own HGH. It certainly is not convenient.

Option #4: Injections of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH)

While this treatment option shows promise, it’s still new and considered unproven. It, too, requires getting injections from a qualified medical professional.

In this case, you’re injecting GHRH, which stimulates the release of HGH in the brain. A Baltimore study found that twice daily injections of GHRH restored the levels of HGH and IGF-1 levels in older men to that of men three decades younger. Promising! But still costly, inconvenient, and unproven to date.


As you can see, Renuva Generator, as an HGH/Youth Hormone Releaser, is currently the only viable alternative for the general public who can’t afford the cost and inconvenience of the synthetic injections. It’s also less risky than the injections — since you’re not injecting a foreign source of HGH into your body, and there’s no risk of overdose. It’s truly the natural, safe, convenient, and affordable way to increase your HGH levels.

Renuva Generator proudly offers you a solid 22-year track record of quality manufacturing AND testimonials from satisfied customers! No competing supplement in spray, tablet, capsule or pill form delivers the quantity and quality of releasers that one scoop of Renuva Generator powder delivers.


Experience the Highest Quality Hormone and Neurotransmitter Balancing Supplement Available Without a Prescription Risk-Free!

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